Fundraising Team

Devon Adams

Community Engagement Director
Devon is the Community Engagement Director at Collective Justice. He spent fifteen years in prison contributing to the wellness and uplifting of the incarcerated community. He is an experienced speaker and presenter with the Choices and Consequences program, working with students, at-risk youth, counselors, and educators. He also held many leadership positions in the Black Prisoners Caucus. He was a lead facilitator, organizer, coordinator, liaison between other organizations, groups, and communities within and outside prison. Devon has been an instrumental figure in the Concerned Lifers Organization where he presented at their yearly summits, worked with legislators, and various community organizations. He is a graduate of the HEAL program, a 54 week restorative justice circle for individuals who have contributed to and experienced serious harm. Devon also holds a Bachelor of Specialized Studies from Ohio University, which he received through his participation with University Beyond Bars.

Jess Rock

Grants and Contracts Manager
Jess (she/her) is the contracts and grant manager working with the collective to envision change, support conveying impact, and manage resources to meet the needs of our vision and dreams. As a white, able-bodied, cis queer woman, she practices deep gratitude and care to be among people so dedicated to deep love, interdependence, and healing. As a community-oriented public health practitioner and a person impacted by interpersonal and state violence, she humbly works alongside those who have been intentionally marginalized and most impacted by systems of oppression to create pathways for healing, belonging, liberation, and accountability. She prioritizes lived experience as expertise; cultivating joy; growing individual and collective capacity; knowing and seeing people in their fullness; and centering the autonomy and healing of all. Jess received a Master’s in Public Health from the University of Washington. When not in front of a spreadsheet, Jess can be found delighting in the ordinary, reveling in nuance, tending to plants, riding her favorite anti-boredom machine (bike), weightlifting, and crafting. 

Ye Qing Jiang

Creative Communications Director
Ye Qing Jiang is a queer and genderqueer Chinese American survivor raised in the Bay Area, nurtured in San Diego, and currently finding roots in the PNW. Ye Qing’s background spans queer of color responses to intimate partner violence, fostering educational equity with/for queer youth of color, and harm reduction advocacy with/for houseless survivors of harm. They enter this work as a survivor of interpersonal and systemic harm. YQ brings with them presence, clarity, humility, curiosity, and creativity when imagining worlds where we are all integral to one another’s accountability. Ye Qing graduated from the University of California San Diego with a double BA in Writing & Gender Studies as well as University of Washington with an MA in Cultural Studies. Outside of this work, Ye Qing enjoys leaving this planet from time to time, exploring recipes off their TikTok feed, weightlifting, and going on silent walks.

Florence Sum

Fundraising Team Member
Flo (they/she) is a queer Chinese American born and raised in Seattle, occupied ancestral lands of the Duwamish. Their background involves working with youth in age + spirit specifically around mentorship, education and social service navigation, and leadership development. They enter this work with a ton of care, a strong belief in people’s agency + honing on people’s creativity, and healing justice is an integral part of every social movement. Their vision for a world is where Black, Indigenous, and communities of color have the access and power to their full humanity. They are also a sponsor for the Asian Pacific Islander Cultural Awareness Group at Stafford Creek Prison for the past 5 years doing political education but mainly supporting the leadership of the homies inside. Flo enjoys frolicking in the mountains, playing video games, eating their way around town, and martial arts training.

Satory Adams

Fundraising Team Member
Satory comes to this work as someone who has lived through the impacts of mass imprisonment on individuals and their families. She also has witnessed the power of personal and collective healing and transformation. She cares about building effective solutions to harm that are not rooted in state violence, and she believes that everyone is deserving of healing and self-accountability. Satory is passionate about making changes to our current criminal legal system and is committed to the work being done here at Collective Justice. She received her Bachelor degree in Law, Societies, and Justice and Communications from the University of Washington in 2019. Satory is a recipient of the Abe Osheroff and Gunnel Clark Fellowship Award from the University of Washington Center for Human Rights. 

Collective Justice Teams

Organizing Team

Through leadership and political education, we offer pathways to transform ourselves and our consciousness to begin the process of creating healthier, more human alternatives.

Dialogue & Accountability Processes Team

Dialogue and Accountability Processes (DAPs) offer survivors of serious harm or those who've lost loved ones to violence the chance to engage directly with the responsible parties, often through face-to-face dialogues.

Collective Wellness Team

The Collective Wellness Team is responsible for developing and stewarding Collective Justice’s internal and external operations in line with our values. This team oversees our fiscal sponsor transition; stewards staff and member wellness and Leadership; and develops organizational policies, ensuring our teams function as smoothly as possible.

Fundraising Team

The Fundraising And Development (FAD) team is responsible for planning, implementing, and overseeing our fundraising efforts. This team includes staff and collective members, dedicated to upholding our fundraising values, philosophy, and strategies. Our fundraising efforts are about more than just raising money; they are about building better, more equitable communities for all. We achieve this through communication, intention, and accountability.


Our team facilitates healing circles in prisons and communities, fostering shared storytelling among those both those who have caused harm and who are impacted by harm. Grounded in restorative and transformative justice, we guide a collective journey, deepening in our collective resilience, relationships, and healing.

Healing Justice Coaches

Healing Justice Coaches (HJC) support the Collective through the facilitation of healing-engaged spaces. Our Healing Justice Coaches provide ongoing emergent support for facilitators and staff including but not limited to trauma companionship and leadership development for staff and members and supports for our facilitation team processing as needed. We see it as one way that we “practice what we preach” and invest in the same kinds of healing for our staff/facilitators/members as we do for those we hold circle for in community.

Collective Members

Collective Members are a vibrant, loving and clear-eyed healing justice base of facilitators and organizers committed to the work. Our members build deep belonging, lasting relationships and a movement home where we practice and embody our theory of change.