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I’m navigating an immediate crisis and need help getting food/water/shelter/leaving a violent situation. 

We currently do not have the capacity to offer immediate crisis support. However we’re working on developing a list of support and resources for folks in crisis to access. For now, please consider visiting for local WA based resources.

Do you offer conflict mediation services? My org/collective is looking to mediate a conflict amongst staff/members/etc. 

Unfortunately we do not facilitate mediation processes. Our capacities are limited and so that means we focus our team's scope of work to support with TJ/RJ Dialogue facilitation for folks who have survived or loss a loved one to serious violence and the folx who are responsible for that harm.

I’m new to restorative justice and would love to request a restorative justice 101 training for my organization/collective/college. 

For all training requests, please email and a staff member will get back to you.

I’m interested in requesting/attending a HEAL Circle. How can I get involved?

For any and all HEAL Circle requests, please contact our HEAL Co-Directors Cassandra and Guadalupe at

I’m interested in a dialogue with the person who caused me harm/survived, how can I request a dialogue? 

For any and all DAPS requests, please contact Matt our DAPS Director at

I’d love to volunteer/have a media request/am interested in interviewing your organization, how can I get involved? 

For all media, volunteer, and interview requests please contact us at