Heal Team

Guadalupe Vidaurri

HEAL Co-Director
Guadalupe’s work is characterized by a profound love for people and commitment to nurturing individual and collective power. She comes to this work as a survivor of harm and from community deeply impacted by colonialism, displacement, racism, and violence. Guadalupe is guided by wisdom that our ancestors have nurtured through resilience, survival, and brilliance in the face of these oppressions. She’s committed to carrying on the legacy of resilience by holding one another with radical love and commitment to transformation. Guadalupe is a board member for the Latino Development Organization at Washington State Reformatory, and prior to CJ, she supported BIPOC youth impacted by oppressive systems and marginalization to empower them to grow as community leaders. She obtained her BA in Law, Society + Justice, and Sociology from the UW. Guadalupe is a Co-Director for Collective Justice’s HEAL Team, supporting circles inside. She was a facilitator for one of CJ’s first HEAL circles.

Cassandra Butler

HEAL Co-Director
Cassandra believes in the humanity of people and is committed to working towards collective healing that starts with our youth. She comes to this work as a loved one impacted by mass incarceration and as a survivor of harm. She is deeply invested in the healing of families impacted by this systemic racism and has spent several years working as an activist and abolitionist in community. She is hopeful that this work will lead to the dismantling of all forms of oppression that continue to swallow up the children of our communities and throw them away. Working for over 16 years with youth impacted by both homelessness and the criminal justice system. She received her master’s degree in Justice and Security Administration at the University of Phoenix and is currently pursuing her PhD in Transformative Social Change with the hopes of bringing an awakened consciousness and a healing of trauma within the family structures of our communities.

isaura jiménez guerra

HEAL Facilitator
isaura (they/them/elle) is a queer Mexican-American non-binary femme born on occupied Tongva land; and has now lived and worked on the ancestral lands of the Duwamish for most of their life. They have experience as a youth organizer and labor organizer. Most of their work has centered first generation and immigrant young people of color to increase access to material resources; whether through organizing, leadership development, or education. Their investment in this work is rooted in the belief that our relationships to ourselves, to each other, and to the land are all places where we are constantly and creatively practicing the skills we need in order to create a more just world. They are always down to talk about nature, lifting, and where to find the best ice cream and fries.

Orlando Aimes

HEAL Facilitator
​​Orlando Aimes has witnessed firsthand the mass incarceration of Black, Indigenous, Latinx and other youth of Color and, focuses on dismantling the School to Prison Pipeline from the inside out. Orlando was granted clemency after serving 21 years he walked into his freedom going from never to now, during that time he was President of the Black Prisoners Caucus at Monroe and earned his Associates degree through the University Beyond Bars. Orlando completed the HEAL Facilitators Training to become one of the new facilitators with Collective Justice. Orlando is also the Reentry Director and a CARE Coordinator for the Freedom Project, a community centered organization that believes that together we shift from punishment to restoration, from oppression to equity, from apathy to empathy because people don’t change, they heal. Orlando is also a Credible Messenger and brings his lived experience to provide support and build relationships with returning community members to assist in their transition.

Shawn Koyano

HEAL Facilitator
Shawn Koyano is a Black queer mother, survivor, and advocate for survivors and families seeking community, belonging, and healing from violent systems. Her work is centered and grounded in Black feminist radical care, abolition, and dreaming of possibilities for families to be safe and whole. She is the Program Director of Families of Color Seattle (FOCS) and a student in the dual MSW/MEd in Human Sexuality program at Widener University. She is an advocate for families in the public school system and has worked to implement equitable practices in parent involvement and teacher hiring. She is a member of Mandatory Reporting is Not Neutral (MRNN) and the Duwamish Solidarity Group.

Taylor Tibbs

HEAL Facilitator
Taylor Tibbs (she/they) is a HEAL Team facilitator with Collective Justice, mentor, racial justice advocate, and auntie born and raised in Seattle, Washington. They joined the collective in 2021 to learn more about incorporating Restorative Justice into their education equity work and fell in love with the vibrant and caring CJ Community. Taylor is deeply committed to practicing accountability, compassion for all living beings, and Restorative Justice as a pathway to systems change. They are committed to practicing self love, compassion for all living things (except spiders), and believes that their liberation as a Black and Queer Person is connected to the liberation of all people. Taylor dreams of opening a bookstore with friends and creating a social hub for folx of color to gather, rest and practice mutual aid.

Tyra Griffith

HEAL Facilitator

Dolphy Jordon

HEAL Facilitator
Dolphy is dedicated to creating change in the face of systemic oppression. From his own experience of being incarcerated as a child, he has made it his mission to advocate for the rights of those impacted by the criminal justice system. He has worked tirelessly to abolish juvenile life sentencing practices, reform prisons, and promote restorative and transformative justice. Dolphy's personal experience has shaped his perspective and drives his commitment to creating change. Combined with his formal education (Bachelor’s in Applied Behavioral Science) and professional experiences have given him the skills to work as a HEAL Circle facilitator, and engage in Dialogue and Accountability Processes with Collective Justice showcases his dedication to community and personal accountability.

Dolphy's journey is an inspiration to others who seek to create positive change. His efforts demonstrate the importance of amplifying the voices of those impacted by oppressive systems and working towards restorative and transformative justice.

Grady Mitchell

HEAL Facilitator
Grady Mitchell is a HEAL Circle Facilitator with CJ. He is also a Facilitator and Master Trainer for Roots of Success (RoS), an Environmental Literacy and Job Training program and a motivational speaker and consultant. He has been a guest speaker on programs hosted by Microsoft, Yale University, Boston College, the Washington Bar Association, and the Rotary Club, among many others. Mitchell served a life without parole sentence in Washington state prisons. In January 2021, after Grady’s 37-year sentence was commuted, he joined the RoS team, serving as Corrections and Re-Entry Program Director and as an Advisory Board member with the RoS program. Mitchell volunteers his time developing volunteer and re-entry policies and continues to mentor. Grady participated in and completed Collective Justices’ Trauma Informed Facilitation program. Having been released with no referrals or recommendations for mental health care, this training impacted him significantly in understanding and navigating through the traumatic experiences of crime and the consequences thereof within the carceral setting. He believes in the cross-pollinization of communication and has lived by the mantra of Sir Edmund Burke, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing.” He is the married father of six and grandfather of ten wonderful kids.

Brandon Pedro

HEAL Facilitator

Collective Justice Teams

Organizing Team

Through leadership and political education, we offer pathways to transform ourselves and our consciousness to begin the process of creating healthier, more human alternatives.

Dialogue & Accountability Processes Team

Dialogue and Accountability Processes (DAPs) offer survivors of serious harm or those who've lost loved ones to violence the chance to engage directly with the responsible parties, often through face-to-face dialogues.

Collective Wellness Team

The Collective Wellness Team is responsible for developing and stewarding Collective Justice’s internal and external operations in line with our values. This team oversees our fiscal sponsor transition; stewards staff and member wellness and Leadership; and develops organizational policies, ensuring our teams function as smoothly as possible.

Fundraising Team

The Fundraising And Development (FAD) team is responsible for planning, implementing, and overseeing our fundraising efforts. This team includes staff and collective members, dedicated to upholding our fundraising values, philosophy, and strategies. Our fundraising efforts are about more than just raising money; they are about building better, more equitable communities for all. We achieve this through communication, intention, and accountability.


Our team facilitates healing circles in prisons and communities, fostering shared storytelling among those both those who have caused harm and who are impacted by harm. Grounded in restorative and transformative justice, we guide a collective journey, deepening in our collective resilience, relationships, and healing.

Healing Justice Coaches

Healing Justice Coaches (HJC) support the Collective through the facilitation of healing-engaged spaces. Our Healing Justice Coaches provide ongoing emergent support for facilitators and staff including but not limited to trauma companionship and leadership development for staff and members and supports for our facilitation team processing as needed. We see it as one way that we “practice what we preach” and invest in the same kinds of healing for our staff/facilitators/members as we do for those we hold circle for in community.

Collective Members

Collective Members are a vibrant, loving and clear-eyed healing justice base of facilitators and organizers committed to the work. Our members build deep belonging, lasting relationships and a movement home where we practice and embody our theory of change.