Collective Justice

Our communities deserve wellness, accountability, and liberation.

Healing for marginalized survivors

Our participants build awareness and skills around restorative justice and transformative justice to understand the root causes of violence.
What is restorative justice?
What is transformative justice?
How do we use restorative and transformative justice?

Building power for safety & justice through our healing ecosystem

As restorative justice experts, we train individuals and agencies to promote a widespread understanding of community healing practices.
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We enable healing and accountability dialogues between survivors of violence and those responsible, providing a safe space for open communication.
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Through leadership and political education, we offer pathways to transform ourselves and our consciousness to begin the process of creating healthier, more human alternatives.
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Conducting circles in prison and community, we facilitate collective healing by sharing and witnessing stories of harm. Grounded in restorative and transformative justice, our approach builds skills in coping with triggers, self and community-care, and resilience.
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View our short video that introduces the use of restorative justice as a practice used by Collective Justice to bring healing to community members on all sides of harm.

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Collective Justice grew out of many conversations with survivors, community members, and incarcerated people who have been directly impacted by multiple forms of violence.

Our Partners

Our project greatly benefits from our partnership with Rainier Valley Corps and rests on on the collaboration of values-aligned partners.
Becoming a Collective Justice Partner

API Chaya

Creative Justice

Community Passageways

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I’m navigating an immediate crisis and need help getting food/water/shelter/leaving a violent situation. 

We currently do not have the capacity to offer immediate crisis support. However we’re working on developing a list of support and resources for folks in crisis to access. For now, please consider visiting for local WA based resources.

Do you offer conflict mediation services? My org/collective is looking to mediate a conflict amongst staff/members/etc. 

Unfortunately we do not facilitate mediation processes. Our capacities are limited and so that means we focus our team's scope of work to support with TJ/RJ Dialogue facilitation for folks who have survived or loss a loved one to serious violence and the folx who are responsible for that harm.

I’m new to restorative justice and would love to request a restorative justice 101 training for my organization/collective/college. 

For all training requests, please email and a staff member will get back to you.

I’m interested in requesting/attending a HEAL Circle. How can I get involved?

For any and all HEAL Circle requests, please contact our HEAL Co-Directors Cassandra and Guadalupe at

I’m interested in a dialogue with the person who caused me harm/survived, how can I request a dialogue? 

For any and all DAPS requests, please contact Matt our DAPS Director at

I’d love to volunteer/have a media request/am interested in interviewing your organization, how can I get involved? 

For all media, volunteer, and interview requests please contact us at