Collective Wellness Team

Martina Kartman

CWT Co-Manager
Martina Kartman is the co-founder of  Collective Justice. Her work is shaped by her own experiences as a young person on various sides of harm and the criminal legal system, and by her involvement with movements for anti-violence, racial justice, and feminist abolition. She dreams of a world rooted in joy, dignity and abundance, and is committed to supporting communities most impacted by interpersonal and state violence to have access to radical, unconditional love and healing. Martina is a recipient of the UW Bonderman Fellowship, Open Society FOundation Soros Justice Advocacy Fellowship, Karin Stromberg Contribution to Social Justice, the Herring Phelps Award for Scholarly Activism, and the Meena Vashee Scholarship for Survivors. She holds a JD from the University of Washington School of Law, where she was a William H. Gates Public Service Law Scholar.

She locates her political work in global solidarity with feminist anti-imperialist struggles, seeking not only the end of oppression but of the creation of liberation here and now. 


Dayjha McMillan (they/she) is a dreamer and schemer, committed to the lifelong practice of playing as a healing endeavor. A Leo sun, Aquarius moon, they are always striving to understand “balance” and how it appears in their daily passions.

Having graduated from Western Washington University, they self-created an interdisciplinary focused B.A. titled: Law, Diversity and Justice: Critiquing the American Dream using Critical Race Theory, Counternarratives, and Feminist Theory, with a minor in Education and Social Justice. Dayjha is also a published author with Haymarket Books in Abolition Feminisms Vol.2!

Dayjha is currently in the Community Impact Fellowship with RVC Seattle learning nonprofit leadership and the Community Leadership Institute Fellowship with Puget Sound Sage learning local government processes and policy.

When not working, Dayjha is a lover of all things sensuous and textile, playing Chef as a love language for loved ones, owner of an exquisite book collection– they are currently learning how to (re)love reading. She can be found enthusiastically attempting (several times) to make a crochet sweater, looking for the nearest spot to buy a Yerba Mate as an afternoon pick me up, and writing because her life depends on it.

Collective Justice Teams

Organizing Team

Through leadership and political education, we offer pathways to transform ourselves and our consciousness to begin the process of creating healthier, more human alternatives.

Dialogue & Accountability Processes Team

Dialogue and Accountability Processes (DAPs) offer survivors of serious harm or those who've lost loved ones to violence the chance to engage directly with the responsible parties, often through face-to-face dialogues.

Collective Wellness Team

The Collective Wellness Team is responsible for developing and stewarding Collective Justice’s internal and external operations in line with our values. This team oversees our fiscal sponsor transition; stewards staff and member wellness and Leadership; and develops organizational policies, ensuring our teams function as smoothly as possible.

Fundraising Team

The Fundraising And Development (FAD) team is responsible for planning, implementing, and overseeing our fundraising efforts. This team includes staff and collective members, dedicated to upholding our fundraising values, philosophy, and strategies. Our fundraising efforts are about more than just raising money; they are about building better, more equitable communities for all. We achieve this through communication, intention, and accountability.


Our team facilitates healing circles in prisons and communities, fostering shared storytelling among those both those who have caused harm and who are impacted by harm. Grounded in restorative and transformative justice, we guide a collective journey, deepening in our collective resilience, relationships, and healing.

Healing Justice Coaches

Healing Justice Coaches (HJC) support the Collective through the facilitation of healing-engaged spaces. Our Healing Justice Coaches provide ongoing emergent support for facilitators and staff including but not limited to trauma companionship and leadership development for staff and members and supports for our facilitation team processing as needed. We see it as one way that we “practice what we preach” and invest in the same kinds of healing for our staff/facilitators/members as we do for those we hold circle for in community.

Collective Members

Collective Members are a vibrant, loving and clear-eyed healing justice base of facilitators and organizers committed to the work. Our members build deep belonging, lasting relationships and a movement home where we practice and embody our theory of change.