Our Work

Trainings & Presentations

As experts in restorative and transformative justice practice, we offer trainings and public education to individuals and agencies. The latter centers building a broad understanding of restorative justice and why it matters, elevating what it truly means to shift our societal responses to harm toward community healing practice. To ensure this shift takes place as expansively as possible, we also train practitioners to facilitate restorative justice within their own agencies and communities. This scales our work, building the collective skillset of our community to prevent serious harm, intervene when necessary, and heal in the aftermath of violence that does take place.

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Dialogue & Accountability Processes

We facilitate healing and accountability processes where people who have survived or lost loved ones to violence can have face to face dialogues with those who have caused them harm. Talking in a safe setting can allow those harmed to give full voice to their experience and all that they endured. Survivors may want to ask questions about what happened, express the impact, and make requests for repair. People responsible for harm, no matter how severe, are given the opportunity to face the often wide-ranging and complex impact of their actions and work towards their own accountability.

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We are organizing towards an abolitionist future through political education, study groups, grassroots defense campaigns, court support, relationship building and cultivating solidarity both inside and outside prison walls. 

We believe that at the center of the struggle for collective liberation is the development and transformation of individuals. In addition to healing, we seek to increase the political consciousness, empowerment, and sense of collectivity amongst our diverse group of survivors and currently and formerly incarcerated community members in Washington State.

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Healing Circles

Our team facilitates healing circles in prisons and communities, fostering shared storytelling among those both those who have caused harm and who are impacted by harm. Grounded in restorative and transformative justice, we guide a collective journey, deepening in our collective resilience, relationships, and healing. 

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I’m navigating an immediate crisis and need help getting food/water/shelter/leaving a violent situation. 

We currently do not have the capacity to offer immediate crisis support. However we’re working on developing a list of support and resources for folks in crisis to access. For now, please consider visiting https://search.wa211.org/ for local WA based resources.

Do you offer conflict mediation services? My org/collective is looking to mediate a conflict amongst staff/members/etc. 

Unfortunately we do not facilitate mediation processes. Our capacities are limited and so that means we focus our team's scope of work to support with TJ/RJ Dialogue facilitation for folks who have survived or loss a loved one to serious violence and the folx who are responsible for that harm.

I’m new to restorative justice and would love to request a restorative justice 101 training for my organization/collective/college. 

For all training requests, please email trainings@collectivejusticenw.org and a staff member will get back to you.

I’m interested in requesting/attending a HEAL Circle. How can I get involved?

For any and all HEAL Circle requests, please contact our HEAL Co-Directors Cassandra and Guadalupe at heal@collectivejusticenw.org

I’m interested in a dialogue with the person who caused me harm/survived, how can I request a dialogue? 

For any and all DAPS requests, please contact Matt our DAPS Director at matthew@collectivejusticenw.org

I’d love to volunteer/have a media request/am interested in interviewing your organization, how can I get involved? 

For all media, volunteer, and interview requests please contact us at info@collectivejusticenw.org.